Top posts of 2020

2020 – the year adventures close to home replaced racing and coaching

I quite like seeing which posts are read most, and these are my top 5 posts of 2020 (most viewed)

  1. Race report – LCXL Round 7 – link – the race my shoe fell off – it’s easy to forget that this was only the beginning of 2020, because I haven’t raced for what feels like ages. This race took a lot of determination to finish but was one of the best stories to tell from last season’s racing
  2. Cyclocross season review – link – again, I can’t believe that this was less than a year ago
  3. What I learnt from my first 6 months of coaching – link – a throwback post to remember my first coaching memories, 4 years ago
  4. 100 Women in Cycling – link – I was so proud to be selected as one of the 100 Women in Cycling by Cycling UK in 2020.
  5. My coaching story – link – this wasn’t actually a post written this year, but was quite popular this year (possibly related to my selection for 100 Women in Cycling)

In March 2020, I also set up a YouTube channel so here are my top 5 videos of 2020 (most viewed)

  1. New bike day (elephant bike) – – in the summer, I bought a new bike, which was completely different to all of my others, with a focus on being able to carry more. Elephant bikes can be bought from (I earn some commission on anything you buy using this link apart from the elephant bikes)
  2. How I designed a bike path (for fun) – – I filmed the process of designing a bike path for the assessment part of the Designing the Cycling City online course that I completed once my exams had finished in the summer
  3. A to Z by bike – – this is probably my favourite video. During the summer, I rode to a place beginning with every letter of the alphabet (apart from X) in alphabetical order in a week.
  4. Day in my life as a civil engineering student – – a video that isn’t cycling related and filmed during the first term of university, with online lectures whilst I was in Nottingham
  5. Welcome to my channel – – an introduction to the types of videos that you will find on my YouTube channel (which you should definitely subscribe to, if you haven’t already)

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