Top posts of 2019

2019 was our (remember, it’s mine and Andrew’s blog, although he hasn’t written much) first year of blogging so I thought I’d share the five most-viewed posts from this year:

1) Why I’m supporting British Cycling’s One in a Million campaign (One in a Million) – At the start of the year, I featured in their campaign video to encourage more women to ride bikes and wrote a blog post on this.

2) About us – Technically not a blog post, but if you are reading our blogs, you might like to know who we are and what we are interested in (assuming you don’t actually know us)

3) Leicester Open Streets – A brilliant event I went to in May, which happens monthly (I went back in September to help)

4) My coaching story – Another campaign I was involved in this year was Project 500’s #IfICanYouCan campaign about female coaches

5) Harvey Hadden circuit race – The only circuit race I completed this year and the only race report I have written – look out for more in the new year as I finish the cyclocross season (hopefully with some good races) and start the mountain bike season in the summer.

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who has read our blogs and supported us this year. As I mentioned, it was our first year blogging and we have more blogs planned for the new year (hopefully posted more consistently).


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