Coaching a disability session

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to help coach a British Cycling ‘Disability hub’ session in Nottingham. Similar sessions take place all over the country and more information can be found at:

I had previously attended these sessions, as a tandem pilot for a visually impaired rider. As part of my work on the British Cycling National Youth Forum, I had also worked in a group to research about the sessions and understand what would increase the participation numbers at these sessions. This meant I knew what the sessions entailed and how they were structured.

Before the session, I helped set the bikes up (as they are specialist bikes that belong to British Cycling). The session included a pacing activity (3 laps steady, 3 laps hard and 3 laps very hard, aiming to get consistent times in each block). The riders then completed a 3 lap time-trial, which they do every time, so they can track their progress. The last part of the session involved some cornering skills practise.

At the end of the session, I got to ride a handcycle and a tricycle, which was a great experience. I found riding the trike really hard as it was difficult to control and I struggled to ride in a straight line. It was slightly too big for me, which didn’t help as I couldn’t reach the brakes very well. I thoroughly enjoyed riding the handcycle, as it felt really smooth and fast. It was very hard work to go up the ‘hill’ (I mean, a gentle slope!) on the circuit.

A video of me riding the handcycle can be viewed below:

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