Leicester Open Streets

Today, I went to the Leicester Open Streets event. This was an event with the roads in the city centre of Leicester closed to cars and an arts and crafts theme. I’d seen the event on Facebook and was quite keen to go along.

I went along with my dad, and of course, we cycled there. We cycled along some of the closed roads to see what was going on. There were lots of little bits going on, such as rickshaw rides around Leicester and some guided rides and walks. Since we weren’t planning on being there for long, we skipped the rides and just did some of the activities. I had a go on a bike that made a painted record (the record spun as you pedalled so when paint was added, it made a pattern). There were also bikes that powered a smoothie maker and one that crushed drinks cans. I also used the ink stamps to make a sign/poster for my wall. These had an old-fashioned font and looked really cool.

My artwork, powered by pedalling
The poster that I made with stamps

I then went to a talk on how to design city spaces and encourage communities to get involved. It was really interesting and one of the main reasons I wanted to go to the event. It linked really well to the design project I have been working on at university (I study civil engineering), as it looked at how to design user friendly and community focused areas and had some walkthroughs and videos of buildings that the company had worked on.

Overall, I had a good day out and lots of fun on my bike. I would definitely recommend going to one of the future events.

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